Let GUAM Beauty Mud help you get started with your new anticellulite routine with their effective cellulite reducing products

GUAM® Anticellulite Night Cream 500 ml/ 17 fl.oz.

$ 49.00

Code: 004

GUAM® Fangocrema Notte (nighttime cellulite cream) is the perfect addition to your GUAM anti cellulite routine. It has all the same effective ingredients as the original Fangocrema, but with the added bonus of marine sea salt in an absorbable formula, aiding in draining and slimming the body as you sleep.


GUAM® Tummy and Waist Fat Burning Mud Treatment - 16oz.

$ 39.00

Code: 006

GUAM® Tummy and waist seaweed-based fat reducing mud works the same way as our famous anticellulite mud, but has the added benefit of special ingredients to help melt subcutaneous fat in the abdominal area. Great for both men and women.

Price: $ 39.00

GUAM® Tummy and Waist Fat Burning Cream - 5fl.oz

$ 19.00

Code: 008

GUAM® Fangocrema Tummy and Waist Fat Burning Cream contains the patented GUAM® Seaweed formula blended with phyto-extract, Caffeine, Seville Orange, essential Lemon oil and Vitamin E. This luxurious cream visibly improves the appearance of excess adipose fatty tissue from around the tummy and waist areas while improving the firmness and tone of skin on the areas treated. It is the perfect compliment to our GUAM® Tummy and Waist Fat Burning Mud!


GUAM® Marine Salt Scrub - 25oz.

$ 29.00

Code: 005

GUAM® Algascrub is an invigorating way to exfoliate and nourish your skin while combating the appearance of cellulite. It is amazing on its own or as a part of your GUAM anti cellulite routine.


GUAM® Inthenso Stretch Mark Cream - 5fl.oz.

$ 9.00

Code: 009

GUAM® INTHENSO Stretch Mark Cream is specially formulated with GUAM Seaweed, Rutin and Phaseoulus Lunatus: together they help to not only prevent the formation of stretch marks and skin slackening, but make existing stretch marks much less visible. After applying, skin looks smoother, softer and velvety. GUAM® INTHENSO Stretch Mark Cream is also OK for use after breast surgery, during diets and pregnancy. GUAM® INTHENSO Stretch Mark Formula cream is not greasy and is quickly absorbed.


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