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GUAM® Fangocrema is a mud-based cream with all the same active ingredients as our original formula Beauty Mud, but is designed to be a leave-on everyday cream.  It has a similar effect as the Beauty Mud and can be applied directly after the Beauty Mud treatment, or on your non-treatment days as a supplement.  Like the Beauty Mud,  GUAM® Fangocrema tightens and tones skin to fight the appearance of cellulite. 


GUAM Fangocrema Mud-Based Cream contains the patended GUAM Seaweed formula blended with phyto-extracts, Caffeine and Vitamin E. This easy to absorb cream produces a fast and effective means of combating the unsightly effects of cellulite*, increasing circulation and moisturising the skin, all at the same time. 


Apply morning and night with gentle circular massaging motions. The cream produces a general warming sensation which facilitates the penetration of the active ingredients and increases in proportion to the amount applied. Redness and "active tingling" of the treated areas are therefore a normal reaction.


Available in 300 ml (10.15 oz) size.

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GUAM® Fangocrema Anticellulite Cream

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