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GUAM® Fangocrema Notte (nighttime cellulite cream) is the perfect addition to your GUAM routine. It has the same active ingredients as our famous Fangocrema but has added marine salt in a nightime formula to draw out extra water, toxins and impurities from your skin while you sleep, helping to slim the body. Try some today and see the difference it makes in reshaping your body!  This amazing night time anti cellulite cream has also proven in clinical studies to reduce inches off the body on the average user. The slimming action is brought about by a cosmetic reshaping process. Guam Night Mud Cream slims and reshapes your body while you sleep.

Available in 500 ml (17 fl. oz.) size.

$ 49.00
$ 99.00

GUAM® Anticellulite Night Cream 500 ml/ 17 fl.oz.

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